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chihuahuapopsicles whispered: Toki, I don't mean to bother you at all (I know you're busy with life and things), but I am someone who has had really bad acne/skin my entire life and I have never been great with makeup. All of your costume makeup as well as your everyday makeup always looks flawless. Do you have any tips or tricks for foundation that doesn't look powdery/caked on/etc? Thanks again for any and all help! Sorry for such a strange ask out of the blue!

You could never, ever, ever bother me. 

My number one trick to makeup is a good, strong foundation. I, too, have awful acne - especially on my jawline. My secret weapon and confidence in a container is Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation. This stuff is a godsend and works wonders. I RARELY have to use a concealer when I wear this foundation. It also comes in a rainbow of skin tones and if you go to Sephora, they can help you pick the right color for you. It is a little bit pricier than drug store foundations, but it lasts a long time and is worth what you pay! (Online it’s 34.00 dollars. I think it is the same in store)

However, the primer is as important as the foundation itself. There are a million different kinds and brands of primer you can use and it all does different jobs. Right now I use a green-based primer from Pur. The green helps me even out the red from my acne. I also like POREfessional by Benefit a lot, though I typically need to use a concealer more often with it. Primer goes on under the foundation, though there are a few that you can mix with the foundation itself.

Use a concealer if you want to. I actually use True Match by L’Oreal and just blend it. 

The last bit is a powder. The best thing for most people is a translucent powder that will just even everything out and keep you not-so-shiny. However, I just a light powder by Pur that matches my skin tone. I do this since it helps hide my acne a little bit better.

All three steps are really important to make my skin look more even. I highly suggest going to a Sephora to say you’re just interest in building a collection and they’ll let you know the best foundation for your skin type and they’ll hook you up with samples if you ask!


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