Another day in good ol’ England.

I went to Cheltenham today with my lovely roommate and consulting-mcbender who we met up with at Paddington.

During the performance I was basically a row behind Benedict’s chair. We could have high five’d had we felt the urge. We learned a lesson in World War I history (which is one of my favorite subjects, and between my step dad and I, my family could teach everything you needed to know and more about the two World Wars) and we listened to Benedict read poetry. There were two AMAZING pianist too, the man was astounding! 

After the reading, Benedict agreed to take photos and sign things which was awfully kind of him. There were fans of literally ALL ages. I sat next to a couple in their 70’s who were there for Mr.Cumberbatch! 

He was so kind and stayed to sign everyone’s ticket and take pictures. I told him he was so nice for doing this, that everyone did wonderfully, and he was making a lot of people’s nights doing what he just did. He was also  very chatty and told me my name was really cute. You cheeky monkey. The staff had him stay sitting toward the end, which I don’t blame anyone for. His poor knees. Also it went quicker that way.

Mama and Papa Cumberbatch were also there and they were as radiant as ever. Gosh, they’re still so gorgeous. I didn’t pluck up the nerve to talk to them though.